The Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

UV Protection

Proper sunglasses provide protection against the sun and its harmful elements. Most importantly the effects of UV A, B, and C rays. Yes, UV C rays! These rays can damage the eye permanently, scar, and lead to future eye health issues. Additionally, sunglasses with the appropriate protection block dangerous Blue Light that is emitted from the sun and artificial light. This Blue Light makes you squint when outdoors, so with the help of sunglasses you are able to be more comfortable.

Elimination of Dangerous Glare

Sunglasses cut down on harmful glare which can make driving or daily tasks difficult and dangerous. Along with a lack of clarity, glare can distract you and be an annoyance. Sunglasses have additionally been proven to make driving a safer activity!

Better Clarity

Proper lenses can go a long way in a pair of sunnies, as they can enhance your environment’s clarity. We have a wide array of lenses with varying optical quality to choose from that can sharpen your outdoor experience.

Warranty, Reliability, and Satisfaction

With the purchase of proper sunglasses, you can be ensured that your satisfaction will be met, as we strive to keep customers safe, fashionable, and happy! If needed our warranty provides two years of assurance.

Reduction of Vision Damage

Sunglasses with proper protection and specifications can benefit your eye’s health tremendously as they protect your eye’s against damage caused by the sun. If sunglasses are adopted at an early age the reduction of vision damage can be tremendous! Additionally, anyone who has had corrective surgery should be actively protecting their eyes as they are more susceptible to the sun’s harmful elements.

Helps improve function of tasks such as driving, outdoor activities, etc.

You can also see an improvement in performance for outdoor activities such as fishing, golf, or driving with a proper pair of sunglasses. They cut down glare on the water, protect your eyes, and make the pastimes more enjoyable.

Sunglasses in the Winter

It is a little known fact that sunglasses are increasingly important to wear in the winter time. This is a result of the large amount of glare that snow creates as the sun’s light bounces off it. Making driving and ordinary tasks outside more difficult.

Style Aspect! Personalize your look to match your personality

Finally, you can not forget about the style aspect of sunglasses! People for many years have made sunnies apart of their personal style from Kurt Cobain’s white Christian Roth’s, Corey Hart’s famous black Wayfarer style sunglasses, Mick Jaggers Vuarnet’s, and Kim Kardashian’s Smoke and Mirrors! Personalization continues to this day as style evolves.

Check out our store for one of the largest selection of Sunglasses, with brands from Smoke and Mirrors, to Vuarnet, to Maui Jim. We look forward to helping you select the perfect pair of sunnies for your personal style, needs, and specifications!