Empire State of Mind

From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, the skyline of New York City made itself known the minute our plane started to descend. One World Trade Center sparkled gloriously as the sun’s rays reflected off of it, while hundreds of other buildings challenge each other for position in the core. Advertisements were fighting for attention promoting various products from yellow toy ducks to the latest in fashion.

No wonder so many creatives flock here!

The scale and pace of this iconic city became even more evident as we checked into the 2018 Vision Expo where eyewear aficionados gather to talk education, fashion, and innovation. With more than 15,000 attendee and hundreds of exhibitors, the four days we spent in the “Big Apple” were Olympic in scale.

The city’s epic persona essentially reverberated off the walls as we entered the Expo’s venue, the Javits Centre. The grand building resembles a large bird cage, which is ironic since its “Green Roof” also makes it home to 26 unique species of birds.


New York is undeniably famous for its fashion scene. So, it’s no surprise that when we get together with our industry friends, we love discussing the latest in eyewear trends. The most prominent themes featured at the Expo were 24-hour tinted lenses, statement sunglasses, and minimal metals. Needless to say, we were thrilled to get down to business and select our new pieces to bring home with us. We were careful to choose a mix of modern styles with unique flair and classic fits including designs from Lafont, Germano Gambini, and Thierry Lasry.

A visit to New York wouldn’t be complete without visiting our friends at Smoke x Mirrors. Their office space boasts a 70’s vibe with vintage furniture, exposed piping, and their signature orange is peppered throughout. We let this unique aesthetic sink in and eagerly began selecting new products for our Spring/Summer season. The frames we chose can be summarized in the same words we would use to describe their creators: colorful and classic.

From the bustling Expo floor to the greenery and rich history of Central Park we experienced the essentials of the Empire State of Mind: Progression paired with elegance.


New York City encompasses all the qualities of a thriving metropolitan. And we are proud to bring this inspiration home with us as we drive the evolution of eyewear forward in Charlottetown.


-Cameron Matheson & Victoria Boswall