Pop-up Q & A

While Matheson Eyewear’s roots run deep on Prince Edward Island, we know that our clients and friends are from all corners of the Maritimes and beyond. That’s why we wanted to take our collections on the road for our second Matheson Eyewear/Vivid Hair & Body Pop-Up event in Antigonish, NS.


Vivid Hair & Body owners Thomas Melong and Laura Anderson are devoted fans of fashion-forward eyewear and have an incredible following in their community. This partnership proved to be a natural fit and has continued to grow since the first pop-up November. After our most recent event in April, I sat down with Thomas to discuss his professional career, fashion inspirations, and the eyewear industry.


1) Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Thomas! I am 31, and I have lived in the Antigonish area my whole life. I co-own Vivid Hair & Body with my BFF, Laura! I love hair, and everything involved with the industry, fashion, design, and the arts in general. I also love to teach and do so independently as well as with Pulp Riot.

2) Where did the pop-up concept from?

Cameron was coming to our salon as a client while attending STFX. After a few visits, his amazing glasses were very much taken note of. We soon became pals and met the rest of the Matheson family on a trip over to PEI. From there, the pop-up concept organically evolved into what it is today.

3) Explain your previous experiences with eyewear, and why you believed this pop-up was needed for Antigonish?

I have always loved and yearned for cool, statement-making glasses. My experiences in Antigonish have been good but growing close to the Matheson’s has definitely blessed me with the appreciation of quality and craftsmanship in eyewear.

4) What is your personal style, and your eyeglass style?

I would say that my style can change from week to week, but my #1 rule is black. All black. Every so often I will throw in a denim or print moment, but I try to stick to the darker side. It makes me feel professional even when wearing ripped jeans and Doc Martins, and like just enough of a bad ass to take on the day.

My eyeglass style is definitely bold and black as well. That said, I have been loving metals since I was introduced to Germano Gambini! Also – round frames have been speaking to me lately. I was so scared of round, and now it almost feels more normal than square!

5) What have your clients thought about our pop-ups?

Everyone is SO happy that Matheson Eyewear returned for a second pop-up and people are already asking when the next one will be. Our clients love coming to the event, trying glasses on, learning about the business, and shopping for something fun and fresh.

6) How has your knowledge of eyewear changed since we first met?

I had a basic idea of what I liked and what worked for me, but I had no idea I would gain this much knowledge and passion for eyewear. I find myself recommending brands, shapes, and colours to people (which I guess is not that surprising since I do the same thing with hair daily).

7) What is the role your eyewear plays in both your professional and personal life?

I need something functional as I wear glasses 24/7. I also need super high-quality materials because I work with hair color all day. I need something fashion-forward and edgy – I love when people ask me about my glasses.

8) Do you hope to host future of pop-ups at the salon?

We are definitely ready to plan our third Matheson Eyewear/Vivid pop-up! We have a Microblading Technician (Elle Munster) coming to the salon from Halifax in June for a pop-up type of concept as well. We are definitely open to a multi-use space being more prevalent in the future of Vivid!

9) What are your favourite cities to visit?

Close- Charlottetown
Global – England, so far

10) What’s your favourite dish?

Probably a mug! Just kidding – Sushi. 100%

11) Elaborate on your Professional life, from college to now?

I will try to keep this as short as possible. I graduated high school in 2005 and immediately went to NSCC. I received diplomas in Office Administration, Nail Technology, and Cosmetology. I began working as a Hair Stylist in Antigonish in 2008, and in 2009 Laura and I opened Vivid! It’s been almost 9 years and we have trained internationally, been nominated for national awards, taught for product companies, and now teach for ourselves, which we love! We have lots of plans for the future. The only way to go from here is up.

12) What is your most cherished pair of glasses?

I love my Germano Gambini’s – but I think my new Thierry Lasry sunglasses are going to take the top spot this summer.

14) Do you fold the right or left temple first?


16) Who is your fashion inspiration?

Alexander McQueen is my fashion and life inspiration. As a more relatable option, David from Schitt’s Creek basically has my dream wardrobe.

17) Favourite Show?

OU. I would have to say one of my all-time favourite shows is Project Runway!

18) Who is the best follow on Instagram?

Me! @tmelong. In all seriousness, I follow SO many talented, inspiring, amazing hair artists. I truly could never choose. Follow people that motivate and inspire you to be a better person and artist. If someone makes you feel less than great, hit that unfollow button!

We can’t wait to return!

Written by: Cameron Matheson

Edited by: Victoria Boswall