My Blue Light Lens Experience

by Cameron Matheson

Have you ever experienced that fuzzy feeling after being on your computer or mobile device for an extended period of time? If so you have felt the effects of blue light. This type of high energy light which falls into the most extreme, surround us all. From the sun to LED lighting, as well as our phone screens, it is apart of modern everyday life. As we integrate more into the digital world this wavelength of light has the potential to cause discomfort for many. You may have noticed by the title of this blog post, this leads me to discuss the benefits of blue light lenses along with some of its misconceptions.

From my own experience of using blue light filtering lenses, I have felt less eye strain from an extended period of computer use, realigned my circadian rhythm (along with lifestyle changes), and I have experienced a boost in mood as a result. I first experienced eye fatigue from blue light myself from being an avid gamer as I would play for extended periods of time always ending in a fuzzy brain feeling. This was partly a result of exhaustion from playing for an extended period of time, although I wasn’t totally convinced that was the only factor. While my time working on the computer increased in my post-secondary career I ran into this feeling once again.

After my second experience, I had begun to hear about new blue light lens technology and its benefits, I decided it was worth a try. Brochures I had read talked about how these specific lenses filter blue light waves under 440nm and when trying them on for the first time I found a pleasantly warm hue effect which was soothing to the eye. As a couple of weeks past, I had definitely noticed a difference while using computers, tech, and screens, although I had noticed a huge difference when I made a few minor lifestyle tweaks. I began to give myself a tech curfew when I had gotten home, no extreme use after 9 o’clock and reduced use throughout the day with the aid of a screen use timer. What I had learned a bit later is that I had essentially reset my circadian rhythm. Basically, at night time when your body releases melatonin, I had been suppressing its release by tricking my eyes with bright screens and blue light. With the change of blue light protection paired with a reduction in daily tech use, I had felt a huge change in my mental state, alertness, and sleep quality. I understand on this topic there are many views, opinions, and various R&D, although I can only talk about my personal experiences. I believe for any computer-intensive professional, student, or fellow gamer it would be great to try or even ask for more information on blue light lenses. If your ever in the optical feel free to ask me about the topic or anything else eyewear, I am eager to help!