Tinted Lenses:

Inspired by the 60’s tints are now back! Available in a variety of colors from green, to purple, and yellow there are many combinations that you can choose from. Worn for fashion and function, these tints will add another dimension to your look and act as a 24-hour sunglass for those sensitive to light.

Sport Eyewear:

Looking for an edge on the ice or field? There are many different types of sport-specific eyewear on the market to help you bring your A-game. From sunglasses for baseball to block out the sun’s harmful rays and glare, to goggles for use under a caged helmet, and protection for racquet sports.


Need eye protect on the job or in your workshop? We carry CSA approved eyewear that can protect against eye injury on the job. Available in a goggle, spectacle, and insert style, there is a perfect model for your use and application.
For commercial inquires please email: safety@mathesoneyewear.com.


Do you have an activity that your glasses aren’t performing to their best ability? Ask us about the different types of options available. Whether it is for use in your home office or for on the boat we can tailor eyewear to your personal needs!  

Our ethos is to embrace the ever-evolving nature of eyewear. We strive for relevant and exclusive brands sourced from around the world – including some made right here on Prince Edward Island. Matheson Eyewear is committed to offering a well-curated selection of products inspired through a global lens. We are always on the lookout for the new while building on the foundations of our core brands.

We encourage you to reach out to us to help you find and customize the perfect product for every aspect of your life while expressing your individual style.