From the minute you step inside our space, you’ll feel like our neighbor. If you haven’t yet met our team, we would hope to welcome you in the shop sometime soon. If we have already had the pleasure, we look forward to seeing you again.

Greg Matheson
Favorite pair of glasses: the next pair

Co-Founder of Matheson Eyewear, Greg Matheson, has been an optician for more than 30 years. His work has been featured in a number of magazines including two Canadian eyewear publications.

“I love when somebody comes into the store and leaves with a pair glasses that not only fit their overall lifestyle needs, but also change how they see themselves. By focusing on fashion and international design I’ve been able to turn people’s negative eyewear experiences into positive ones. I’ve made some many wonderful friends in the community through this business and those relationships are what drive me to be a better optician.”

Denise Matheson
Favourite pair of glasses: Rose colored acetate Germano Gambini’s

Introduced to the industry through Greg, Denise has spent 2 decades working to improve the presence of independent eyewear on PEI.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the technical side of optics. Measuring individual’s eyes and customizing frames and lenses to suit their needs is so rewarding. But nothing beats the feeling of helping someone find their perfect frames.”

Cameron, Student Optician
Favourite pair of glasses: “dad glasses” GG89 in matte gold

Cameron has grown up in this industry but has worked in it full time for the past two years. He’s currently working as a student optician.

“The most interesting part of my job is being able to use creativity to showcase the amazing attributes of eyewear. Achieving the perfect personalized product happens every time I edge pair of lenses into a frame, which is the ultimate reward. I’m inspired by people like Steve Jobs who have revolutionized their industries and show that you can achieve with hard work and dedication.”

Hanna, Sales Associate/Creative
Favourite pair of glasses: Pink Dandy’s

Hanna has been in the family business since childhood and has worked at the shop for more than 5 years.

“I love this industry and get lots of influence and inspiration from a number of artists, especially Janis Joplin. When I’m trying to find someone their perfect frame, I draw a lot of energy from hearing their personal stories and learning more about them.”

Alena, Student Optician
Favourite pair of glasses: Round Germano Gambini’s

Charlottetown born Alena is an asset to both the tech and style side of the eyewear business. She is a fashion enthusiast and is also studying to be an Optician.

“Giving people the opportunity to experience the very best in eyewear is so motivating. I also love delivery day because it means I gets to see all of the new inventory and beautify our store with all of the newest collections. When I’m not out on the floor, I’m likely spending time in the lab learning and putting into practice the technical side of the business.”